Regulamin Serwisu

The English translation is provided for convenience only. The Polish language version of the Terms will govern the relationship with Noclegowo.


The Service (also known as – website available at along with its integral parts;

Operator – Grupa iTur sp. z o.o. registered at the District Court for Łódź-Śródmieście, 20th Business Department of the National Court Register with the following number: KRS 0000363945;

User – any person who uses the Service;

Content – text, graphics, images, photos, multimedia materials (audio and video) as well as external links to the above objects, published in the Service by the User;

Facility – a facility providing services and satisfying needs related to travel, recreation and leisure;

Publisher – a User who publishes a presentation of the Facility within the Service;

Terms and Conditions – this document that presents the rights and obligations related to the use of the Service;


  • 1.1. provides its services to the Users based on these Terms and Conditions
  • 1.2. By using this Service or registering in the Service, the User accepts these Terms and Conditions.
  • 1.3. The Service reserves the possibility of making changes in these Terms and Conditions due to important reasons. In the case of a modification, the version of Terms and Conditions published in the Service will be binding. Prior to further use of the Service, the User will be asked to accept the updated Terms and Conditions. Such an acceptance will be expressed by logging into the Service according to the respective message. If changes are not accepted by the user, the only resolution will be to cease the use of the Service by the User. The new Terms and Conditions will not have retroactive power in relation to the services already provided to the Users.
  • 1.4. In order to use the Service you will need a computer or another device with access to the Internet, equipped with a web browser. For proper functioning of the Service on the part of the User, it may also be necessary to activate JavaScript as well as cookie files.


  • 2.1. ensures an online platform for presenting Facilities allowing to reach Users.
  • 2.2. does not publish presentations of Facilities on its own behalf and it does not participate in concluding agreements between Users.
  • 2.3. The content including presentations of Facilities published by the Users on the website are not verified by in advance in terms of their legality, validity and completeness and they do not present the views of The Service will not be responsible for Content published by third parties or messages sent between Users.
  • 2.4. reserves the right to removing Content that violates legal regulations or is against the good practices. In particular, the Service may delete Content that qualifies as an act of unfair competition, violation of copyrights or personal rights. Except for clear cases of violations, the Content may be deleted from the Service under an obligation submitted by an applicable public authority (court, law enforcement authority or state administration), as a result of a preparatory, court or administrative procedures. Regardless of the above, the Service reserves the right to removing Content at any time, which includes references to a competitive activity in relation to the Service or which aim at promoting this type of a competitive activity.
  • 2.5. will do its best to ensure uninterrupted functioning of the Service. reserves the possibility of occurrence of temporary interruptions and limitations in this scope as a result of maintenance of modernisation works.


  • 3.1. Registration is required in order to have access to certain features of the Service. Registration is possible by means of filling out the proper forms in the Service or connecting through an external account (such as Facebook).
  • 3.3. The Users will also have a possibility of registering in the Service within a separate registration system while obtaining an additional status of a Publisher, through access to the Customer Panel making it possible to present Facilities.
  • 3.4. Registration in the Service is free.
  • 3.5. During the Registration process, the user is obliged to specify the mandatory data in the registration form.
  • 3.8. The User grants a consent for the Service to process personal data specified during account registration or provided after the completed registration. The User has the right to access and correct their personal data and is authorised to deleting the said data from the database managed by


  • 4.1. The User is obliged to make it impossible for any third parties to access their account.
  • 4.2. The User is responsible for all of their actions during use of the account. The User will also be responsible for violations that took place on their account if the User neglected their obligation of being diligent and careful in the scope of ensuring that access to the account is not allowed to unauthorised people and the violation was not caused by an action or negligence of the Service.
  • 4.3. Users are obliged not to affect safety, integrity and availability of the service. The Users may not block the generated content, rewrite or modify it or violate the services of in any other way. The Service will have the right to take the respective measures (e.g. blocking access) in order to ensure proper functioning.


  • 5.1. It is prohibited to publish Content that violates the applicable laws, third party rights or good practices. The User’s obligation is to publish Content in the Service that complies with the applicable laws and the rules of social conduct.
  • 5.2. When providing Content, the user provides a license to the Service Operator for using the Content in and in other partnership services being the property of the Operator and cooperating services. This authorisation covers in particular processing, archiving, reproduction, distribution in full or in part also with the purpose of using in mobile devices or traditional media. The User may request deletion of Content provided to which will also precondition the possibility of deletion from the appropriate partnership service or a cooperating service.
  • 5.3. The Operator reserves that contact data that is published in the Service by the User is visible to all Users of the Internet. Due to the above, the Operator will not be responsible for its improper use by third parties.
  • 5.4. ensures the possibility of publishing presentations of Facilities to the Publishers for a fee.
  • 5.5. is not responsible for completeness and correctness of information published about the Facilities. The Publisher must ensure that information is provided in the mandatory fields of forms in order to present the Facility with as much detail as possible.
  • 5.8. Email addresses, telephone numbers, URL addresses and other contact details may be placed only in the indicated form fields. The Operator reserves the right to removing such data if it is published against the intended purpose.
  • 5.7. In order to ensure effective execution of the information and advertisement function, the Operator may attempt to complete activities that would present the Facility published by the Publisher also in other media. For this purpose, the Operator will cooperate with other partners or extend its offer of partnership services. The Publisher, making a presentation of the Facility in the Service, also grants their consent for simultaneous publication in services of the Operator’s partners or its partnership services.


  • 8.1. The Agreement concluded between the User and the Service is valid for an indefinite period. The Agreement is concluded by means of the User using the Service or through registration in the Service.
  • 8.2. The Agreement concluded between the Publisher and is valid for an indefinite period. In order to register the Facility and present it in the Service by the Publisher, it is necessary to pay the applicable subscription, according to the provisions specified in item 8 of the Terms and Conditions.
  • 8.3. The User may terminate the Agreement at any point. A notification on terminating the Agreement submitted to the Service (e.g. in writing or by email) will be sufficient. Termination of the Agreement by the Publisher will not affect the payments required prior to the termination, in the form of fees or commission, unless the termination was caused as a result of reasons attributable to in the scope of the provided services. In such a case the paid subscription fee is reduced proportionally to the period in which the actual proper service was provided by the Service prior to terminating the Agreement.
  • 8.4. The Service may terminate the Agreement with the User only in the case of an important and justified reason.
  • 8.5. A justified reason shall mean, in particular:
    a) the Publisher does not fulfil its obligation of payment in full or in part, despite a request containing the applicable payment date sent to the email address specified by the Publisher;
    b) the User violates the provisions of these Terms and Conditions in a continuous manner, despite being warned with indication of the type of violation sent to the email address specified by the User;
    c) respective authorities, court or legal regulations will make it impossible for the Service to offer its services.
  • 8.8. In the case of an interruption in the functioning of, the duration of the services purchased by the Publisher will be extended with each duration of the interruption in availability of


  • 7.1. will not be responsible for the actions of its Users.
  • 7.2. The User is solely responsible for the Content published by them in the Service.
  • 7.3. The User will release from responsibility in the scope of any claims of third parties that are formulated against the Service in relation to a violation of the Terms and Conditions or other actions for which the user is solely responsible. The release from responsibility will also cover justified court fees and costs.
  • 7.4. Despite being obliged to complete its provision with due diligence within the service provided by it, the Publishers will not obtain a guarantee for particular results related to publishing a presentation of the Facility. In particular, using services of will not ensure a particular position in search engines and will not guarantee benefits obtained as a result of information and advertisement activity conducted by the Service.


  • 11.1. The User, using the Service via applicable forms will be asked to grant a consent for receiving marketing information from the Service Operator, including commercial offers sent by electronic means of communication.
  • 11.2. The User may revoke the consent for receiving marketing information indicated above, at any time.


  • 13.1. These Terms and Conditions are subject to the provisions of the Polish law.
  • 13.2. If any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions are fully or partially invalid, the remaining provisions of the Terms and Conditions will remain valid and binding. In the case of discovering such an invalidity, the Parties will replace the invalid provision with a similar, legally binding provision.
  • 13.3. The contents of the Service may not be copied or distributed without a prior consent of or used or reproduced in any other way. This applies also to copying through the technology of search engines or through other mechanisms.
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