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Czechów Południe, accommodations in Lublin  - <p>Lublin is one of those cities that are notoriously and unreasonably neglected by tourists. Shatte...

About Lublinie

Lublin is one of those cities that are notoriously and unreasonably neglected by tourists. Shattered by the events of the 20th century city is still undergoing the process of thorough restoration. Many associate Lublin only with academic life completely omitting its other qualities such as an alluring atmosphere, the noble history of tolerance and a plethora of sights.

Krakowskie Przedmieście, the most representative street of Lublin, is lined with many restaurants, coffee shops and artistic basement bars. Close by stands the Classical New Town Hall. The Litewski (Lithuanian) Square is an impeccable showcase of the modern history of the city. Originally build for army parades the square is nowadays used for the celebration of national and religious holidays. The town takes pride also in the monumental neo-Gothic castle, two historical hotels ‘Europe’ and ‘Lublinianka’ and other beautiful buildings dating back to the beginning of the 20th century.

Through the history Lublin has been inhabited by representatives of various nationalities, religions and ethnic backgrounds. Jews, Protestants, Catholics, the Rusins from Belorussia, Ukraine, Lithuania, the native inhabitants of these lands and other nationalities used to live next to one another leaving traces of their cultures around the city. Podzamcze – a part of the Old Town – was once an international intellectual center of Jewish culture. The St Trinity Castle Chapel and the Orthodox Church remind the history of Russ community. The Roman-Catholic, Evangelical-Augsburg, and Orthodox cemeteries, the biggest necropolis in the city, are located in close proximity. The wave of intolerance that has once wrecked Europe, seems to have bypassed Lublin entirely.