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Accommodations  in Brenno - <p>Brenno is a charming village located in western Poland, in the neighbourhood of two lakes - Breńs...

About Brennie

Brenno is a charming village located in western Poland, in the neighbourhood of two lakes - Breński and Białe. Its name is connected with word waste and exactly means .. mud. However, the village itself has little to do with mud. Near the village there is the Ostrów peninsula, which is very often chosen as the tourist destination - a holiday complex has been created on Lake Białe, which attracts travelers from many parts of Poland and beyond.

What is unusual about Brenno? Two lakes, closeness to nature, forests .. Everyone will find something for themselves here! You can go here for a lazy rest in the bosom of nature, it is also a great place for lovers of walking, cycling and even water tourism.

Two historic windmills from 1676 and 1794 await those who like to sightsee. In the climatic center of the village there is a beautiful baroque church dedicated to Saint Jadwiga built in 1781. Inside, you can admire works of art in different styles - the main altar was built in the classicist style, side altars in the Baroque style, while the sculpture of St. Jadwiga from the 15th century on the pulpit refers to the Gothic style.

On the square next to the church there is a statue of Our Lady of Victory, which is a sibyl connection to join these territories in 1920 to Poland.

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