Feasts in Moravsky Zizkov

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    Feast is a traditional festivals almost every village in Moravia. Feast on the village as a Christian holiday celebrated as a day of abundance, joy and prosperity. In a r ichly laid tables meets family and friends. Feasts tradition has established a unified term holding. It differs from the village and the village frequently falls on the feast of the patron saint, which is dedicated to the local church. Known as the feast not only Katherine, Wenceslas Square or Martin. On the feast must not be missed youth (Chase) dressed in ceremonial folk dress. The central figures throws are old men (chosen by the boys) and girls (Stark). Chasa has the task of ensuring organizationally feast, select the forest maya (tall tree, which is after transport to the village will be decorated), decorate the dance floor and provide music and wine. In Moravsky Zizkov is feast in third week on August. Every year this action visit more than 1000 people. Dodano: 05.07.2016


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